Lap Swim + Water Fitness + Deep Water Walking

Our Cold West Pool is closed from May 2-Sept 3 to allow for our HVAC system to be replaced. This project will ensure that the air quality remains clean and that the heating system always works properly. This closure will affect schedules and location for Lap Swim, some Aquatics Fitness Classes, Water Fitness, Deep Water Walking and more. All schedule and location changes are highlighted below. Thank you for your patience and understanding!


$30 For Entire Summer (May-August)

If you're a current student, stop by our Fitness Center to take advantage of this AMAZING deal! It includes unlimited access to...

  • Cardio Room
  • Weight Room
  • Fitness Classes
  • Aquatics Classes
  • Lap Swim
  • Must be current student to be eligible (ex: middle school, high school, college, graduate, medical school, seminary, etc)
  • 12 Yr Olds+


8 Yr Olds - Adults

Lap Swimming is an excellent cardio and strength workout! It's a great workout without putting stress on bones and joints, while also burning major calories! 

  • Lap Swim Calendar @ Natatorium: May 2-June 11
  • Deep Water Walking Calendar @ Natatorium: May 2-June 11
  • June 13-Sept 3 Aquatics Calendars: Will Be Released in May 
  • Costs: FREE with any Fitness Center Membership | $40 Punch Card (10 Punches = $40 Per Card) | $8 Drop-In
  • Age Guidelines
  • May 2-June 11 @ ZWHS Natatorium (3390 100th Ave)
    • Mon, Wed, Fri: 5:30-7am | 11:30am-1pm 
    • Tue, Thur: 5:30-7am
    • Saturday: 7:30-10:30am
    • May 14: No Lap Swim Due to HS Water Polo
  • Lap Swim Procedures at ZWHS Natatorium: 
    • Lane Usage: First come, first serve 
    • Entrance: Use main school entrance by flagpole on east side of school. Those attending the 11:30am-1pm session must check in at school office for security purposes. Those attending 5:30am-7am can go right through the main office and then follow the instructions below to find the pool
    • How to Find Pool: Take a left out of the school office and a right at the first intersection. Walk down the hall past the athletic offices until you reach the natatorium lobby. Turn left at the hallway. Locker rooms are down the hall and to the right.
    • Member Check-In: A desk will be set up near the locker rooms. Please check-in with your key fob and/or drop-in payments before entering the pool area
    • Memberships: RENEWALS can be purchased at the Natatorium. NEW memberships must be purchased at the Recreation office

water fitness: 

12 Yr Olds - Adults

Water Fitness is a non-instructor led time in the pool that allows members to do their own workout! Deep and shallow water is available to tread water, water walk, do an aquatics weight workout and more! Get an excellent cardio and strength workout while putting no stress on bones and joints!

  • Warm Pool Calendar: May 2-June 11
  • June 13-Sept 3 Aquatics Calendars: Will Be Released in May 
  • Age Guidelines
  • Costs: FREE with any Fitness Center Membership | $40 Punch Card (10 Punches = $40 Per Card) | $8 Drop-In
  • Water Fitness from May 2-June 13:
    • Mon & Wed: 5-7am | 12-1pm
    • Tue & Thur: 11am-1pm | 6-7pm
    • Fridays: 5-7am | 12-1pm | 6-7pm
    • Saturdays (May 7-21): 7:30-8:30am
    • Saturdays (May 28-June 11): 7:30-10:30am
    • June 6-9: No 6-7pm Water Fitness due to Youth Water Polo Camp


12 Yr Olds-Adults

Deep Water Walking is open pool time for participants to lead themselves through any aquatics workout of their choice (treading water, water walking, aquatics weight workouts, etc). It's an excellent cardio and muscular workout that helps prevent injuries and stress on bones and joints!