Track & Field

Youth Track & Field



3rd-8th Gr

Join us for the Lakeshore Track Meet! Participants will compete against athletes from other local communities in the events they each learned and practiced at their local Track & Field camps! Each participant can participate in up to two running events and one field event (details below). Register based on 2022-23 grade level. 

  • Register Here 
  • Note: Registration Included in Track & Field Clinic (must register for clinic in order to participate in the Lakeshore Track Meet) 
  • Track Meet Only: Cost: $10r/$25nr
  • Date: Mon, June 27 (Make-Up Date: Jun 29)
  • Check-In Time: 4pm
  • Field Events: Start @ 4:15pm
  • Running Events: Start @ 5:30pm
  • Medals: Awarded for 1st-3rd Place
  • Field Events (choose one): Shot Put | Long Jump | High Jump
  • Running Events (choose two): 70m | 100m | 200m | 400m | 800m | 1600m 
  • Location: Zeeland Stadium


4th-8th Gr

Join us for this NEW camp to learn how to train for distance running, get coached by experts, meet friends with similar interests, develop discipline towards running and all areas of life, and to find out why cross country is more than just about running! No prior running experience is needed. Register based on 2022-23 grade level. 

  • Register Here
  • Cost: $35r/$50nr
  • Coaches: Josh Vork & Aaron Kenember (ZE & ZW Varsity Coaches)
  • Dates: July 25-28
  • Time: 9-10:30am
  • Location: Helder Park (3751 104th Ave, Zeeland)