Historical Society

Historical Society


Tulips in History and Art

8-11 Yr Olds

Calling all artists! Join the Zeeland Historical Society to learn how to draw and paint tulips using acrylic paint on a variety of surfaces (slate, paper, canvas, etc). In addition to drawing/painting skills, we’ll also learn about the history of Tulips and how they relate to the Netherlands. Come join the fun!

The Ottawas

7-10 Yr Olds

Join the Zeeland Historical Society for some hands-on learning to experience what it was like to live as an Ottawa Native American prior to the 1840’s in Michigan! We will use games, stories, rain sticks, weaving and more to have tons of fun while also helping participants develop a better understanding of the world and US history!

Pressed Flowers

8-11 Yr Olds

If your child has an interest in nature and/or flowers, this is the class for them! Join the Zeeland Historical Society to learn about the ancient art of flower pressing! Participants will examine flowers, learn about the history of flower pressing, learn how to press flowers and learn the many ways that pressed flowers can be used. Participants will then create a bookmark, note card and a framed flower picture to take home!

Hand Sewing for Beginners

10-12 Yr Olds

Join the Zeeland Historical Society to learn the basic skills of hand sewing and why hand sewing was such an important skill in history! Participants will learn the techniques of using a thread, needle and thimble, as well as different stitches such as a running stitch, a seam stitch and other techniques. At the end of the class students will take home their own hand-sewn pouch!