Reach for the Pie

Seniors: Fill out the FAFSA and win free pizza for a year!  That's right - all you need to do is complete the recently simplified FAFSA by June 30 and you can enter for a chance to win free pizza for an entire year.  If you have already submitted the FAFSA, you can still participate!  For more information, please visit

Counseling Office

Kim Petroelje
East Counselor (A-F)
Anna Wicks
East Counselor (G-M)
Melissa Drnek
East Counselor (N-Z)
Emily Hathaway
East Registrar
Lara DeWitt
West Counselor (A-Hn)
Lauren Wondergem
West Counselor (Ho-Q)
Dawn Collins
West Counselor (R-Z)
Donna Lyles
West Registrar
Sarah Propst
East Social Worker
Carly Petroelje
West Social Worker
Kelsey Augustyn
Katie Schwarze
Isabel Withrow
East Social Worker
Tyler Bing
West Social Worker