Preschool Registration Information

2021-2022 School year starts August 31 for ECSE students, September 7 for Tuition Preschool, and September 13 for the GSRP Program. 


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Welcome to Zeeland Public Preschool.  We offer both tuition and tuition-free programs.

Three-year-old tuition scholarships are available from Ready For School (RFS). Four-year-old tuition-free is offered through our Great Start Readiness Program (GSRP).  These programs are determined by the income guidelines posted below.  You will need to complete an application and provide proof of income for these programs.  We will assist you with this process.

At registration, we will require a completed enrollment form and for the tuition classes, a non-refundable registration fee is required.  You will have the opportunity to select the class day and time that you would like your child to attend.  Class offerings are noted below.

Michigan’s Great Start Readiness Program provides high-quality preschool education to children 4 years old by September 1. Children turning 4 by December 1 may be placed in GSRP classes based on availability.   The registration fee is waived for this program.

For more information, please call 616-748-3275. Office Hours are Monday-Thursday 8-4 and Friday 8-1.


Three Year Old Class Schedule 2021-2022

Must be 3 by 9/1 and potty trained

Ready For School offers scholarships for 3-year-old preschool based on income. (see guidelines below)  To fill out an application online go to Help Me Grow.

  • Tues/Thurs from 9:00 – 11:30 -$995 a year
  • Mon/Wed/Fri from 8:15 – 10:15 - $1195 a year
  • Mon/Wed/Fri from 10:30 – 12:30 - $1195 a year

Four-Year-Old GSRP Tuition-Free Program 2021-2022

Michigan’s Great Start Readiness Program (GSRP) provides high-quality preschool education to children 4 years old by September 1. GSRP eligibility is primarily based on income. (ex: Family of 4 with a gross income of 66,250). Applications are accepted year-round. To fill out an application online go to Help Me Grow.

  • Mon/Tues/Wed/Thurs  am
  • Mon/Tues/Wed/Thurs pm
  • Mon/Tues/Wed/Thurs all-day

Four-Year-Old Class Schedule 2021-2022

Must be 4 and potty trained

  • Mon/Tues/Wed/Thurs from 8:45 – 11:45 am - $1750 a year
  • Mon/Tues/Wed/Thurs from 8:50 - 11:50 am - $1750 a year
  • Mon/Wed/Thurs from 12:25 – 3:25 pm - $1350 a year


                                         Income Guidelines

2020 GSRP 4-year-olds 2020 RFS Scholarships for 3-year-olds
Household Size Annual Income Household Size Annual Income
2 $43,550 2 $52,260
3 $54,900 3 $65,880
4 $66,250 4 $79,500
5 $77,600 5 $93,120
6 $88,950 6 $106,740


Preschool Enrollment Forms

Required Enrollment Paperwork for preschool:

Enrollment form

Child information Card

Health Appraisal


Birth certificate