Second Semester Registration

Registration open until November 20

ZPS is preparing for the second semester, which runs January 25 through June 10, 2021. In response to COVID-19, all students will continue with two learning options:  In-Person at ZPS or via Z-Connect Online Learning from home. 

Parents are asked to participate in a short survey by November 20 to inform ZPS of your selection. All families are asked to participate. Please take time to discuss the best fit for your family moving forward. Additionally, parent-teacher conferences can provide additional insight on your student's current educational path. This information may be useful as you determine which option to select. 

An infographic and FAQ were designed in August to assist with families making selections for the fall semester. These documents may provide answers to families who are considering a switch between online and in-person for the second semester.

Families are reminded the selection is for an entire semester. Only situations with extenuating circumstances will be considered for a mid-semester program change. 

For our families who are considering a switch from Z-Connect Online to ZPS In-Person, please be aware ZPS will do their best to place students at their original / home building. However, due to COVID-19, ZPS is maintaining smaller class sizes and may need to adjust assigned buildings for the duration of the academic year to ensure we meet the safety measures outlined in the ZPS Preparedness Plan.

For our families considering a switch from ZPS In-Person to Z-Connect Online, please note Z-Connect Online for grades K-5 is taught by a ZPS teacher and grades  6-12 is taught by Michigan Virtual Online instructors. 

If you have questions before making a selection, please contact your building principal. Please take the survey by November 20.

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